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About the Mangakotukutuku Stream Care Group Inc.

What's new? The Mangakotukutuku Stream Care Group is concerned about the poor health of some parts of Mangakotukutuku Stream and the lack of attention being given to its ecological values. Recent survey work has shown that threatened and uncommon native aquatic species still live in some parts of Mangakotukutuku Stream, highlighting the ecological potential that could be achieved over a larger scale if conditions within the catchment became suitable.

We want to see wider community awareness of and commitment to enhancing the ecological values of Mangakotukutuku Stream, and more action on the ground aimed at improving the health of the stream.

You can help achieve this and develop our vision further by getting involved in the group.

The focus of this group is on the stream ecosystem and its associated freshwater habitats, such as springs and seepages, complementing other initiatives that promote terrestrial values of gullies.

 See a presentation on what we do here...

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