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What can we do to help?

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There are several things that we can do to prevent further deterioration or even improve conditions in the stream. Whether we own land or work directly adjacent to parts of the stream, or simply live near a stormwater drain feeding into the Mangakotukutuku, our efforts can help.

Here are some things that you can do to help make the stream healthy:
  • Plant stream edges with trees and shrubs that help prevent bank erosion and provide shade
  • Leave branches and logs in streams - these can provide important habitat and shelter for aquatic life
  • Wash cars on the grass and not on driveways to stop detergents getting washed into the stormwater system
  • Dispose of chemicals appropriately - not down stormwater drains or directly into the stream
  • Keep concrete out of streams - chemicals in wet concrete can kill fish
  • Let wastewater such as from swimming pools soak through the ground first
  • Protect sensitive habitats such as seepages, small streamlets and springs
  • Don't dig out channels or dig drains to the stream - this causes sediment to enter the water
  • Dispose of rubbish appropriately and not in the stream, particularly tyres, metal and plastic. Tyres, for example, can leach toxic compounds into the water
  • Avoid building dams or weirs in the channel - these could hamper the movement of fish and stream invertebrates
  • Dispose of fish tank water onto land, and avoid liberating aquarium pets into the stream - they may become pests later on

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