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Links and publications


Freshwater fish
Freshwater fish identifications
Whitebait identification
DoC native fish information
NZ Fish Passage Guidelines (for structures up tp 4 metres)
Fish passage in urban streams
Landcare Trust: Stream works for fish
Save the Longfin eel
Freshwater fish spawning and migration calendar
Rivercapes: Eel brochure
Riverscapes: Whitebait poster

Freshwater invertebrates

Stream invertebrate photo guide
Quick guides to identification
SHMAK 3-D identification guide
Freshwater mussel article

Birds and bats
Hamilton City bat survey
Southern Links long-tailed bat survey report
Hamilton City bird survey
Evidence on long-tailed bats NZTA and HCC Southern Links

Landcare algal guide


Aquatic pests of New Zealand
DoC pest fish information

Water quality

PCE 2012 report: Water quality in New Zealand
OECD 2017 report:Environmental pressures rising in New Zealand
StatsNZ/MfE: Our freshwater 2017

Stream restoration
Stream restoration toolkit - NIWA
Restoring native fish in streams - NIWA

Riparian planting
Planting under willows
Stabilising characteristics of native plants (New Zealand)
Southern Links Vegetation and Habitat Survey report

Gully management
Hamilton City Council's gully restoration guide
Hamilton City Council gully management plan

Stream monitoring and management
Stream Health Monitoring and Assessment Kit
Caring for urban streams (Auckland Council)
Caring for urban streams Appendices (Auckland Council)
Stormwater management and sustainable urban design
Technical basis of stormwater contaminant & volume management
Installation and maintenance of rain gardens - do and don'ts
Stormwater management best practice - EPA
Soil quality for stormwater management guidelines - Washington
Stormwater management - NIWA
Control of road runoff contaminants - NZTA
Temperature as a stormwater contamninant - Auckland Council
WRC Stormwater Management Guideline 2018
WRC Stormwater Runoff Modelling Guideline 2018
Management  for Aquatic Vegetation Control - Auckland Council
Waihorotiu documentary to discover hidden urban waterways
Stolen Rivers | David Boothway | TEDxTauranga

Educational material
Urbanisation effects (USEPA)
Rivers and Us programme for schools
Wai Care - Together for healthy waterways
Nobody's Rivers: Everyone's Legacy
MfE 2017: NZ's freshwater at a glance

Kids stuff
Freshwater fish card game
Freshwater board game
Rusty's Big Adventure
Water page for kids (MfE)
Fun with freshwater mussels
Riverscapes: Awesome eels

Other environmental orgainsations
Hamilton Environment Centre
New Zealand Freshwater Sciences Society
New Zealand Landcare Trust
Waikato Biodiversity Forum
Nature space - Ecological restoration in Aotearoa
Million Metres Stream Project
Nature Space - Ecological Restroation in New Zealand
Water Action Initiative

Other stream and river care groups
Waikato Rivercare
Mangaiti Gully Restoration Group
Mangaterere Restoration Society
Oakley Creek
Ashley-Rakahuri Rivercare Group
Working Waters Trust
Whangaehi Catchment Management Group
Whau River Catchment Trust
Piako Catchment Forum
Glenside Streamcare Group
Harts Creek

Hamilton urban stream publications

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